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NEC Chiusure srl makes efficient installations ensuring the highest operational safety level; excellent examples of it are the school and hospital doors: practical, fast and certified. The company provides its frame that best suits each situation.

The predominant elements in the NEC Chiusure srl products are aluminium, which forms the structure of the different kinds of technical doors, in combination with steel, glass, plastic laminate and wood. All these selected raw materials ensure quality and safety and conform to the most innovative techniques available on the market.

The hospital doors, due to their ease of use, are particularly suitable for the needs of the healthcare sector: a product offering the highest guarantees required by a healthcare installation. The same qualitative standard is followed in producing the school doors.

The school doors are designed according to safety and hygiene regulations, cost-effectiveness and durability. Their installation is fast and non-invasive. Their simplicity and a wide range of prototypes allow placing them in any architectural context.

Quality of design and making guaranteed.

Wide range

The NEC doors can be installed in public buildings, schools, hospitals, surgeries and welfare and public utility buildings.


NEC is synonymous with guaranteed quality, made to last and always recognisable for its look and the high degree of finish.

Each project receives the utmost attention and care in its completion, successfully meeting the customers’ requests.