Technical doors, pivot doors, hospital doors and school doors.


Professionalism and precision united to make technical doors always at the top.

NEC Chiusure srl was born from the specific project of providing the windows and doors market with a type of internal doors having innovative features. The making of technical doors relies on professionalism and specialised use of well-made items.

The use of materials assembled to obtain a product with linear and rounded shapes guarantees high durability with no need of specific maintenance.

  • High durability

    The materials employed are guaranteed to last many years.

  • Functionality and aesthetics

    The NEC doors feature optimal and avant-garde design.

  • Pivot doors

    Functionality and usability at the highest level

  • Innovation

    Nec looks towards the future and can offer the most advanced solutions in the sector.

The quality of the raw material also ensures pleasant and functional new generation technical doors.

The company has focused its production on doors for public and private spaces (doors for hospitals, schools, surgeries and welfare and public utility buildings). Among the most popular products stand the pivot doors, because of their functionality and usability.

The pivot doors represent an innovative technology: the simultaneous rotating and translating movement of the door, during opening and/or closing, generates a very small footprint, which makes access easier, even in narrow spaces.

A wide range of models and versions of pivot doors is available for the most varied needs.

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Over 60 enterprises in the world use NEC doors