Technical doors, pivot doors, hospital doors and school doors.

Technology and innovation

Safety and strength together with hygiene are the necessary requirements for the production and installation of school doors. It is necessary to prevent any kind of accidental or fortuitous accidents in public spaces and places, whose users for many reasons are often careless or inattentive, as in the case of schoolchildren. This can be implemented […]

Doors and technology

The problems related to the use of a traditional room can be overcome through a different movement of the door. Such movement, usually circular, is modified with a variable segmental arch radius. Like that, the distance between the subject in a fixed position and the handle is reduced. The pivot doors are highly profitable especially […]

Security doors

The places dedicated to health and physical well-being, frequented by people with significant motor problems, require specific devices. Entrances should be diversified according to uses and meet all requirements (technical, aesthetic, functional, hygienic and safety ones). Today’s market offers specifically designed solutions, that is, hospital doors, often automatic or provided with innovative technologies, which fit […]

How is it made?

Lately, the doors and windows market has taken significant steps forward producing systems with innovative features. The making of technical doors relies on professionalism and specialised use of well-made items. The process concerning the making of traditional wooden doors is interesting: it is the starting point that has then allowed developing new technologies. All begins […]

Doors suitable for any space

Thanks to our extensive experience and great professionalism, we can make high quality interior doors for different structures, using techniques giving lasting validity to the final product.  The internal doors made by Nec Chiusure can be used in different contexts: public and private spaces, hospital doors, school doors, surgery doors, doors for welfare and public […]