Technical doors, pivot doors, hospital doors and school doors.


NEC makes and customises doors with different features and intended uses.

Hinged doors

Hinged doors are the most common and spread door type. Simple to use and maintain, they offer the most adequate separation to common needs.

Doors certified soundproof

From soundproof doors for hotels, hospitals, schools and other public buildings to soundproof doors for private houses, enterprises and professional firms.

Pivot doors

The pivot door is the innovative solution that, thanks to its special opening device, definitively solves closing problems in small spaces.

Sliding doors

With their pocket sliding devices and different subframe models, the NEC sliding doors are the perfect solution to make the most of available spaces, creating continuity between neighbouring rooms.

Swing doors

They are saloon type push doors and are used in all cases where the door usually must remain closed but can be opened just by pushing it when passing through.

Tipologie di Installazione